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I am Photography and photography is me. We are inseparable. I think in terms of images, I see  in terms of images, I dream in terms of images.  My camera is my appendage. 

I have spent years studying photography, to think in terms of light and then painting with that light.  Studying how a horse moves, what it's muscles look like in action, what its eyes say, what its ears say.  What its body language says.  

I know what an f/stop is and how to use it, I understand shutter speeds and iso's and how to use them.   Horses to me are creatures of great beauty and athleticism and I continually work at my skills so that I am able to accurately capture that beauty, that athlete.

I do not compose images in Lightroom or Photoshop or Instagram, I compose them in my mind and then in my camera.  Software programs help to enhance the image I have in my mind, to control the scenery that I am not otherwise able to do on site.

I do not simply stand by the side of the arena and hold my finger on the shutter button hoping to get a great shot because I have a camera that takes great photographs.  I taught my camera everything it knows.

My car doesn't drive itself and my camera doesn't take great photographs. I operate my car and I operate my camera.
I am a photographer.  Copyright Susan J Stickle

Equine sports photographer Susan Stickle has been shooting professionally since 1994, covering local, regional, national and international dressage shows and championships throughout the United States. Susan also covers dressage, eventing and show jumping at international competitions including at the World Cup Finals, World Equestrian Games and Olympic Games. She regularly travels around the country on assignment for farm and editorial shoots.  

Susan’s work has been published in Dressage Today, Practical Horseman, EQUUS, USDF Connection, Equestrian Magazine, Today's Equestrian, The Chronicle of the Horse and HorseSport USA as well as numerous other equestrian and mainstream publications, websites and books. 

Susan competed in dressage with her Thoroughbred mare, Bonnie. Some highlights of her riding career include a high-score championship at Training Level and competing through the lower levels. Her love of horses and knowledge of dressage have given her a wonderfully keen eye that is reflected in her work. 

When not photographing horses, Susan enjoys shooting landscapes as well as underwater scenes. Her image of the World Trade Center Tribute in Lights hangs in the U.S. Customs Department Headquarters in Washington, DC.  

As a professional photographer and graphic designer, Susan stays up to date with all the technology offered in the photo industry, attending classes whenever possible. As a result, she offers the highest quality products to her customers and is one of the most sought after equestrian photographers in the industry.

 For more information, please contact her at HoofPrints1@aol.com or call 973.885.3203

Susan is available for private photo shoots at your facility. In addition to extremely competitive advertising rates, we also offer design services, including web design, to cover all your advertising needs.

We're more than just Dressage show photography and video. We offer ad and web design, private photo and video shoots - sale horse tapes, web advertising and so much more.

As both Sue and I rode dressage competitively, owning horses and having competed gives us a great understanding of what the dressage rider is looking for. We are horse lovers to the bone and being behind the cameras allows us to work and play at the same time! As always, we are dedicated to the competitor.

Photographs Created By Susan J Stickle & Jonna J Koellhoffer Are Protected Under United States
and Internatioanl Copyright Laws And May Not Be Reproduced in Any Form.

Our Mission:

To Provide Our Customers with Professional, Top Quality, Photo, Video, Web and Ad Design Services at Affordable Rates. 

Company Profile & History:

The best people for your video taping and photography needs are experienced professionals who have been competitors themselves -- give us try, see the difference.

A little of what our customers have shared with us:


    "Thank you so much for spending time with me today going over the photographs from Nationals. Your beautiful photographs are such a treasure to me.. The event itself was a blur--complicated, conflicting emotions, demands, desires. Of course we want to savor such experiences, but the reality is that sometimes old patterns, stress, tension, passion, anxiety etc as well as just the enormity of the task are overwhelming and some of the sweetness of the moment can get missed.  By preserving with your talented hands and skilled eyes the beauty and emotion of the weekend, you give me the opportunity to recapture the feelings of awe, joy, gratitude and love I felt for my horse, and for everyone and everything that got me there. Your images moved me to tears more than once."

"You do an incredible job on your sale tapes.  They are so well done and show exactly what the buyer needs to see"

 "Having the ability to see my ride from the judge's viewpoint is such a valuable training tool. With each class I've had taped, I've studied it and have been able to improve my scores."

"These pictures are terrific! I've been waiting to get photos like this and you've captured the exact moment I've been looking for."

"I look for Hoof Prints at every show, I really rely on their services to help improve my riding."

"I can't believe how much I've learned about my riding and what the judges are looking for. My trainer and I study the tapes together to see where I've done well ... and where I need to make some improvements."

"The photographs are beautiful! Not only are they great but you were able to capture my horse's character on film." 

Hoof Prints Photography & Video was founded in 1995 by Susan Stickle and Jonna Koellhoffer as a  way of providing competitors with the tools they need to better understand and improve their riding skills. And as a way of preserving the memories that can last a lifetime.  Having ridden competitively  allows Susan and Jonna  to fully appreciate and understand the competitors needs. Being professional photographers and videographers allows Hoof Prints to bring you top quality, affordable services from a competitors perspective. We are dedicated to the competitor. In 2005 we began to move away from the Hoof Prints name to SusanJStickle.com as a way to avoid confusion from other equestrian photography companies.





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Rest In Peace, baby girl. You are greatly missed.
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